Most of our pottery is destined for use in the art of tea :


- Teapots

- Carafes

- Tea bowls

- Pots for leaf tea

- Pots for powdered tea (matcha)

- Incense boxes

- Water jars

- Jars

- Kettles

- Flower vases



Tea pottery engages all six of the senses:


It speaks to the eye and to the touch:

  • in its shape, be it spherical, cylindrical, tapered, flattened or hipped;

  • in the clay’s many textures, its grain, smoothness, and silken finish;

  • in its glazing, whether matte, satin, or gloss;

  • in its weight, light as a feather or dense as a stone.


It speaks to the ear:

  • a taught, hand-worked clay resonating at the slightest tap.

  • a clay still porous, ready to soak up the tea, echoing like bamboo.


It speaks to the nose and to the tongue:

  • with the aroma and taste of the tea, which subtly change with the teabowl’s individual shape, with  the choice of clay and of glaze.


It speaks to the consciousness, to our deepest intuitions:

  • with an energy that radiates from a work redolent with nature’s spirit.