Bol a the chawan Koicha

Since ancient times in Asia

Today all over the world:


Drinking powdered tea

Drinking leaf tea


To heal

To savour

To share


Tea drinking has its origins in China. Long considered to be a medicinal remedy, tea gradually came to be viewed as a beverage to be enjoyed and shared. Thus began the age of tea drinking. Having circumnavigated the globe, the Asian practices surrounding tea eventually made their way to the West. Taking root in western Europe and America, tea drinking has been reinvigorated by its contact with other cultures. France, with its diversity and refined sensibilities, has proven to be fertile ground for the “art of tea.”

In Japan, the "art of tea", heavily informed by Zen Buddhism, became entrenched over the centuries throughout every level of society. The great tea masters like Murata Jûko, disciple of Ikkyû Sôjun, Takenô Jôo, Sen no Rikkyû, Kobori Enshû, and Baïsaô crafted and refined this art.

An essential component of the spiritual and aesthetic landscape, ceramics has been a major art form for at least 15,000 years.  Although the potter’s inspiration finds is roots in China, Korea and Japan, Western ceramics can be just as emotionally engaging. We have chosen to create ceramics  dedicated to the art of tea for our love both of tea and of the cha no yu.