2020 Workshops provided by Laetitia Pineda 

The precise dates and rates will be put online in February. Probably 2 trainings of 20 days will be proposed on the period between June and September.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information.


2019  Workshops provided by Emmanuel Alexia


From  July 6 th to July 26 th

1st session: "Harvest and preparation of raw material"

                  from Saturday 6 th to Thursday  11 th.

2nd session:
"Shaping bowls"                            

                  from Saturdayday 13 th to Thursday 18 th.

3rd session: "Firing"                            

                  from Saturday 20 th  to Thursday 25 th.

Friday 12th ans 19 th are days of relaxation and sharing.


Friday 26th is dedicated to "Cha-no-yu".

Full cost of the workshop excluding accomodation: 1600 euros.

Lunch package, firing meal, 200 euros.

Deposit: 500 euros at the reservation.